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Whodini – Back In Black (October 25,1986)

Back in Black is Whodini’s third release, and happens to be the only Whodini album I own.  Most of you have at least heard of the trio from Brooklyn, made up of emcees Ecstasy and Jalil, and deejay Grandmaster Dee.  … Continue reading

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Run DMC – Raising Hell (July 18, 1986)

Raising Hell is the third release (thanks for catching my error, Caliex!) from Run-DMC.  After virtually using three different beats to craft 9 songs (go ahead, listen to it…I’ll wait) on their self titled debut, there was a lot of room … Continue reading

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LL Cool J – Radio (November 18, 1985)

Radio marks the beginning of the musical career of James Todd Smith, also known to most of the world as LL Cool J (an acronym for Ladies Love Cool James).  If you’ve never heard of this emcee you’re either a monk, … Continue reading

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