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MC Lyte – Lyte As A Rock (September 17, 1988)

In the past few months I’ve noticed I can’t turn on the radio, or watch BET, MTV. or VH1, without hearing or seeing the barbie doll gimmick known as Nicki Minaj.  Seemingly overnight she has become the female equivalent of Busta Rhymes, making cameos … Continue reading

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Run DMC – Tougher Than Leather (September 16, 1988)

In 1986 Run-DMC released their 3rd album Raising Hell, which would go on to be the trio’s most commercially successful album, selling over 3 million copies.  The success of Raising Hell can largely be credited to the addition of the former rocker turned … Continue reading

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Ice-T – Power (September 13, 1988)

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis already know how I feel about Ice-T’s debut album Rhyme Pays, but for those who don’t:I thought it pretty much sucked.  Despite the amateur rhymes and lackluster beats, Rhyme Pays was … Continue reading

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Marley Marl – In Control Vol. 1 (September 1, 1988)

Once upon a time (in the mid eighties) in Queensbridge, NY, there lived a deejay named Marlon Williams.  In the early eighties Marlon was co-host (along with Mr. Magic) of one of the first rap radio shows, Rap Attack, on … Continue reading

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N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton (August, 8, 1988)

1988 is considered by many to be the finest year in hip-hop, largely due to two important albums by two totally different groups, who ultimately covered the same ground (political and societal ills) from two different perspectives: The first, Public Enemy’s It Takes … Continue reading

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Salt-N-Pepa – A Salt With A Deadly Pepa (August 2, 1988)

  In 1985 Salt N Pepa, under the tutelage of producer Hurby Luvbug, made a name for themselves off the Get Fresh Crew dis record “Showstopper” (which is pretty weak: props to Dougie and Slick Rick for not responding to that mess).  … Continue reading

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Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader (July 25, 1988)

Riding high off the commercial and critical success of their debut Paid In Full,  Eric and William returned in 1988 to release their follow-up effort Follow The Leader.  The success of Paid In Full can largely be credited to Rakim, who redefined … Continue reading

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