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8 Responses to About

  1. Mike Dalton says:

    Are you ever going to put up any Too $hort’s material from the late 80’s?

  2. Mike Dalton says:

    Or review Down by Law by MC Shan?

  3. adam lee says:

    Hey bud,two must haves: king tee act -act a fool and tim dog-penicillon on wax. I would love to hear your opinion on these two

    • deedub77 says:

      I do remember King-Tee (down with the Liks crew) and I’ve only heard Tim Dog’s singles from POW. I’ll have to track those two albums down. Thanks for reading!

  4. Kareem says:

    I love this site. How many times do you listen to the CD before giving your review? And do you only listen with headphones or do you play them in your car? Thanks.

    • deedub77 says:

      Hey Kareem – I usually listen to an album a minimum of 5 times from beginning to end, spread out over one to two weeks, just to make sure my opinion isn’t formed on a day I’m just not in the mood to hear hip-hip (as much as I love the genre, that does happen). Most of the time it’s through headphones, but I do listen to some of the albums while in the car as well. Thanks for reading!

  5. Thomas Kessler says:

    Hey! Any way to get some album reccomendations from you? I’d reach out to you with time periods looking for hip-hop artist reccomendations. Would you do that?

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