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Biz Markie – The Biz Never Sleeps (October 10, 1989)

For those keeping track at home file this one after All Hail The Queen. After reviewing I Need A Haircut and finding it pretty entertaining, I made mention of getting a hold of the rest of Biz Markie’s catalog, and … Continue reading

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Nice & Smooth – Nice & Smooth (May 16, 1989)

I first became familiar with Nice & Smooth in 1991 with the singles from their sophomore effort Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed, i.e “Hip-hop Junkies”, “How To Flow”, “Cake And Eat It, Too” and the sickest songs in the duo’s catalog … Continue reading

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Masters Of Ceremony – Dynamite (1988)

The next four post will be rewinds of 4 albums I recently bought but were all released prior to 1991.  Since I was unable to track down the exact release date for this one, for those keeping track at home, … Continue reading

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I Normally Don’t Do This: Juice Soundtrack (December 31, 1991)

I Normally Don’t Do This will be a segment where I review albums in my collection that aren’t necessarily hip-hop albums but are influenced enough by hip-hop that I’ll give them some love (or hate) on TimeIsIllmatic. The seventies gave … Continue reading

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Freedom Of Soul – Caught In A Land Of Time (December 10, 1991)

A couple of post ago I wrote about the Christian rap duo the Dynamic Twins and their debut album Word 2 The Wize. Today’s post kind of ties into that one in a 7 degrees of separation kind of way. The … Continue reading

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