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J Rock – Streetwize (1991)

One of the reasons I love doing this blog is no matter how much I’m engulfed in the culture or how much of a hip-hop historian I think I am, there is always an artist and/or an album that I … Continue reading

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H.E.A.L. – Civilization Vs. Technology (September 24, 1991)

H.E.A.L., which is an acronym for Human Education Against Lies, is a movement that was formed and led by the Blastmaster KRS-One back in the early nineties. KRS-One’s beliefs and philosophies have changes plenty over the past 30 years, but … Continue reading

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Sway & King Tech – Concrete Jungle (June 11, 1991)

Sway and Tech’s legacy will always be cemented in the annuals of hip-hop for what their legendary radio show, The Wake Up Show, did for hip-hop in the nineties. Through their radio show the bay area duo helped provide a … Continue reading

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