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DJ Honda – H (July 2, 1996)

DJ Honda is a Japanese deejay/producer who got his foot into American hip-hop in the mid-nineties. After being the lead vocalist and guitarist for a Japan-based rock band called the Clique, he started tinkering with deejaying. Honda began deejaying in … Continue reading

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Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt (June 25, 1996)

Everyone is familiar with Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s illustrious rise from successful drug dealer to billionaire businessman (and a business, man!) and arguably, the greatest rapper of all-time, but before he became a filthy rich rap superstar and bagged the flyest … Continue reading

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Prince Paul – Psychoanalysis (What It Is?) (June 25, 1996)

Prince Paul is not a household name, nor does he garner the respect in hip-hop culture that he deserves, but his resumé speaks for itself. He’s a pioneering producer who played an integral part in shaping the sound of some … Continue reading

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Various Artists – America Is Dying Slowly (June 25, 1996)

If you’re older than ten years old, I’m sure you’re familiar with the dreaded acronyms, HIV and AIDS, and more than likely you know someone who died from the deadly virus. In the late seventies-early eighties, seemingly out of nowhere, … Continue reading

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