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3rd Bass – Derelicts of Dialect (June 18th, 1991)

We last found 3rd Bass releasing their debut The Cactus Album, which brought them modest success as it would earn our caucasian brethren a gold plaque. The next year they released The Cactus Revisited which was an EP that consisted of remixes from … Continue reading

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Diamond Shell – The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell (June 11, 1991)

By 1991 I was fully drenched and heavily indulging in everything hip-hop related. In between me and my crew freestyling over cassette single instrumentals that we boosted from Sam Goody or Musicland (yes kids, there was a time when you … Continue reading

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NWA – Niggaz4Life (May 28, 1991)

With the news of Dr. Dre becoming hip-hop’s first billionaire (thanks to the Beats/Apple deal) and the hype surrounding the N.W.A. biopic (which I’m not optimistic about, since Dre and Cube have veto power to edit or remove any/every scene of the up coming movie), its … Continue reading

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