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SFC – Phase III (May 19, 1992)

This past weekend I was reading an article from, which for those who may not know is a website dedicated to Christian hip-hop music and artists. The article was titled Top 20 Christian Rappers of All Time. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Father MC – Close To You (May, 19, 1992)

While thumbing through the pages of Gang Starr’s Daily Operation liner notes, I found it pretty ironic (and probably more amusing) that in the duo’s long list of shoutouts, they gave props to an emcee who most would consider illegitimate … Continue reading

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Gang Starr – Daily Operation (May 5, 1992)

Hip-hop has seen a lot of faces and characters over the years. From the early eighties to now, the game has seen several dudes come in hot as white coals on a barbeque grill, only to fizzle out faster than a sparkler … Continue reading

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Beastie Boys – Check Your Head (April 21, 1992)

We last left the Beasties Boys in ’89 with their sophomore effort Paul’s Boutique, which initially received lukewarm reviews, but eventually fans would warm up to it. Just as there was a 3 year gap in between the release of their debut (License To … Continue reading

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Das Efx – Dead Serious (April 7, 1992)

Do you riggiddy-riggiddy remember Das Efx? Das Efx was the dreadlocked duo made up of Brooklyn native William “Skoob” Hines and Andre “Krazy Drayz” Weston, who was born in Jamaica and moved to New Jersey as a kid. Even though … Continue reading

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Chi-Ali – The Fabulous Chi-Ali (March 24, 1992)

Remember ABC? Another Bad Creation? They were the little nappy knucklehead kid group that Michael Bivens put together in the early nineties. They brought the world such hits as “Iesha” and “Playground”, which helped them sing and rap themselves to a platinum plaque … Continue reading

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Arrested Development – 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of… (March, 16, 1992)

Arrested Development was a Atlanta-based collective by way of Milwaukee, which (originally) included Headliner (the group deejay), Aerle Taree, Montsho Eshe, Rasa Don, Baba Oje, and the front man and voice of the crew, Speech. Speech and Headliner, who were … Continue reading

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Original Flavor – This Is How It Is (March 17, 1992)

Original Flavor was a New York based duo that originally consisted of Ski and Suave Lover (Suave would leave the group after the first album and was replaced with T-Strong and DJ Chubby Chub, which may be the funniest deejay moniker … Continue reading

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