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Happy Anniversary Post!

Guess who turned 30 years old today? Yep, you guessed it! Ice Cube’s classic second full-length solo album, Death Certificate. Celebrate by clicking here and reading my thoughts on the album while you give it a listen. Does Death Certificate … Continue reading

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Father MC -Sexual Playground/This Is For The Players (1995)

After Father MC and Uptown Records Vice President of Promotions, Jimmy “Love” Jenkins’ plan for Father to take over the world with his third album, Sex Is Law, failed miserably, Father MC found himself without a label to call home. … Continue reading

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Mad Lion – Real Ting (1995)

Through the years, I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that I’m not a huge fan of reggae or dancehall music. I absolutely love Bob Marley’s music, but after him, I’d be hard pressed to name another reggae or dancehall … Continue reading

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The Coup – Genocide & Juice (October 18, 1994)

This one should have been posted before Back Up Off Me!, but sometimes keeping this chronological shit in order is a task in itself. Anywhoo…hope you enjoy the read. The first and last time we spoke about The Coup on … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Post!

Thirty-two years ago today, Ice-T released his third album, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech…Just Watch What You Say! Celebrate it by listening to the album and click here to check out my review. -Deedub

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Doctor Dre & Ed Lover – Back Up Off Me! (November 8, 1994)

I’m sure most of you can remember years ago before reality tv shows took over television, and MTV used to actually play music videos on their channels. They even had a platform specifically dedicated to hip-hop videos, called Yo! MTV Raps. … Continue reading

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