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Ice-T – The Iceberg/ Freedom Of Speech…Just Watch What You Say (October 10, 1989)

Thanks to the 2 Live Crew’s Nasty As I Want To Be album and all the controversy that surrounded it, hip-hop became Tipper Gore and her pet project PMRC’s, main subject of affection in the late eighties.  The PMRC would eventually broaden its scope taking aim at more … Continue reading

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MC Lyte – Eyes On This (September 12, 1989)

At the tender age of 16, MC Lyte dropped her debut album Lyte As A Rock, which just so happened to come out in 88′, which is considered by many hip-hop historians to be the best year, ever, for hip-hop releases .  Lyte … Continue reading

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Big Daddy Kane – It’s A Big Daddy Thing (September 15, 1989)

Since its inception, hip-hop has seen many rappers come and go. Some last for a few moments, others get 15 minutes, and a few manage to extend their time to an hour.  No matter the timeframe, it’s only a matter of time before the emcee … Continue reading

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Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique (July 25, 1989)

After releasing their ridiculously successful 1986 debut, Licensed To Kill , the Beastie Boys would take a three-year hiatus before releasing their next album, with a lot of changes taking plain the in between time.  Most notable, the boys split … Continue reading

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Boogie Down Productions – Ghetto Music:The Blueprint Of Hip-Hop (June 28, 1989)

After losing his partner in crime, Scott La Rock, shortly after their debut Criminal Minded, KRS-One showed resilience, coming back to carry on the BDP legacy with their sophomore effort By All Means Necessary.  By All Means received heaps of critical acclaim … Continue reading

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