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YAGGFU Front – Action Packed Adventure (January 18, 1994)

What is a Yaggfu Front? Well, it was a short-lived North Carolina based rap trio consisting of D’Ranged & Damaged, Spin 4th and Jingle Bel. “Yaggfu” is actually an acronym for “You are gonna get fucked up” (if you) front. … Continue reading

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T-Bone – Redeemed Hoodlum (August 1993)

The final backlog post. Look for the start of 1994 in the next few weeks! I’m sure most of you are not familiar with T-Bone, so allow me to give you a brief background. Born Rene Francisco Sotomayor to a … Continue reading

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Digital Underground – The Body-Hat Syndrome (October 5, 1993)

We last heard from the Oakland based collective, Digital Underground, in 1991 with their homage to P-funk album, Sons of The P. They would return at the tail end of 1993 with their fourth project, third full-length album, and their … Continue reading

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