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RBX – The RBX Files (September 26, 1995)

The world was first introduced to RBX on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, where he dropped “bombs like Hiroshima” and made several other impressive cameos. After The Chronic and stealing the show from his cousin, Snoop Dogg on Doggystyle’s “Serial Killer” … Continue reading

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Count Bass-D – Pre-Life Crisis (September 26, 1995)

Dwight Conroy Farrell, better known by his alias, Count Bass D (which pays homage to the legendary jazz musician/band leader, Count Basie) is a musician, producer and emcee that most of you have probably never heard of. Then again, some … Continue reading

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Das EFX – Hold It Down (September 26, 1995)

It’s wild to think that by 1995 Das EFX already had two albums under their belt. After hitting the scene hard in ’92 with their platinum selling debut album, Dead Serious where their unique “iggity” style made quite the impact … Continue reading

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Prince Markie Dee – Love Daddy (September 8, 1995)

Do you know what today is???? Yep, you guessed it! If you live in the states, its Election Day! If you haven’t voted already make sure you get out there and vote. Now back to our regularly scheduled program… To … Continue reading

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