Justice 4 George Floyd

By now I’m sure you all recognize the face and know what happened to this man by the hand of the police. This is personal to me for two reasons: For one, I’m a black man that has experienced foul treatment from the police, simply because the color of my skin. Secondly, Minneapolis is my city. I was born and raised in South Minneapolis, just minutes away from the Cup Foods store that George Floyd was murdered in front of. My first apartment as an adult was literally around the corner from the spot where this black man’s life was taken.

This unjustly act resulted in the frustrated people of Minneapolis rioting, looting and burning shit down. I won’t try to justify the rioting, but I understand the pain and frustration that sparked it. And if you’re more upset about the rioting than the murder of George Floyd, you’re part of the problem. They can rebuild those buildings, but his life is gone forever.

As of today, only 1 of the 4 officers has been arrested and charged. All four cowards need to be charged and convicted of murder, so the rest of law enforcement across the country knows that we will no longer tolerate unjust and racist treatment by power drunken punks hiding behind their badges.

And if they don’t. We’ll burn this whole fuckin’ country down. #Justice4George.

I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled program next week. In the meantime, here’s a list of songs from my past posts that I call Soundtrack to Revolutions and Riots.

“A riot is the language of the unheard” – MLK

“Fuck The Police” – NWA

“Don’t Believe The Hype” – Public Enemy

“Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” – Public Enemy

“Downtown” – Def Jef

“Fed Up Wit The Bullshit” – Big L

“Down Goes The Devil” – Channel Live

“Fo’ Eva Blunted” – Nine

“Hold Ya Head” – Showbiz & AG

“So Tough” – Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

“Claimin’ I’m A Criminal” – Brand Nubian

“Down For The Real” – Brand Nubian

“Tears Of A Black Man” – Gospel Gangstas

“Constables” – O.C.

“Hand Of The Dead Body” – Scarface featuring Ice-Cube

“Dog It” – Digable Planets

“Dyin Out Here” – College Boyz

“Reality” – Da Youngstas

“Protect And Serve” – UGK

“Maintain” – Organized Konfusion

“Mister Landlord”  – Arrested Development

“Ain’t The Devil Happy” – Jeru Da Damaja

“Enemy” – Ice Cube

“Souljah Story” – 2pac

“I Don’t Give A Fuck” – 2pac

“Violent” – 2pac

“Words Of Wisdom” – 2pac

“I Wanna Kill Sam” – Ice Cube

“Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball” – Main Source

Speak Upon It” – Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs

“Take A Look Around” – Masta Ace

“The Racist” – BDP

“30 Cops Or More” – BDP

“Arrest The President” – Intelligent Hoodlum

“One Time Gaffled Em Up” – Compton’s Most Wanted

“Illegal Search” – LL Cool J

“God Complex” – Def Jef

“Can’t Truss It” – Public Enemy

“I Want To Be Free” – Too Short

“Freedom Got An AK” – Da Lench Mob

“Rodney K.” – Willie D

“You Still aggiN” – Willie D

“Stereotype” – Kam

“Black And Blue” – Brand Nubian

“The Godz…” – Brand Nubian

“Pass The Gat” – Brand Nubian

“The Day The Niggaz Took Over” – Dr. Dre

“When Will They Shoot?” – Ice Cube

“We Had To Tear This ___ Up” – Ice Cube

“Who Got The Camera?” – Ice Cube

“Not Yet Free” – Coup

I Know You” – Coup











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3 Responses to Justice 4 George Floyd

  1. Tony A. Wilson says:

    I feel you bro. Get the Fist by King Tee, YoYo, Cypress Hill, Lench Mob MC Eiht, Kam and Ice Cube is also a great song for this list. Stay safe bro.

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  3. SEVENTHREEO says:

    the riots and protests being responded to with more beat downs make me think a lot of tupac’s tracks from his 93 album where he roughly says “unite, there’s more of us than there is of them” and the something 2 die 4 interlude that mentions several people that were unjustly killed

    it’s only getting worse and at some point people will take action against police when stopping brutality becomes worth dying for

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